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Welcome on the logo bauble site of Krebs Glas Lauscha!

On this site you can create your own Christmas logo bauble. You can put your own logo or image onto a Christmas bauble and you can decide between many different colours.

You can see your Christmas decoration bauble immediately online to see how your blaube would be looked. You can select between 1 logo or 2 logos on your bauble and we show you between frontside and backside how it looks on your bauble. Select between different blauble sizes and different packaging. To order is very easy with our live bauble presentation and our dynamicly price calculator. Choose your individual bauble quantity and the calculator will show you immediately the new price. This platform will show you the perfect overview about your own Christmas bauble creation.

Order right now! You have any further questions? No problem! Send uns an email or call us from Monday to Friday betweet 8 am and 4 pm.
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